The main quality of turmeric is called as Rajapuri which is produced in Sangli, Maharashtra. Masala manufacturers mainly use it due to its saffron colour. The second main quality is Salem Gattha which is produce in Salem, Tamilnadu and that is why its name is pronounced as Salem Gattha.

Rajapuri Quality is also a known quality and attracts the Masala manufacturer besides the Salem variety. But production of this quality is low at ~2lakh bags. Both Rajapuri and Salem quality fetch higher prices. Third quality is produced in Messur, Karnataka and called as Godal Patte. It is considered slightly inferior in quality to the former 2. The fourth quality – the Finger quality gets its name from its shape - which looks like human finger. Major producing states are Tamil Nadu, AP, Maharashtra. Karnataka, Orissa, Meghalaya, Bihar and Assam are the main turmeric producing areas. Moreover, Erode, Selam and Rajapur are the main trading place. Other producing countries are Myanmar and China.

Total production of these states is around 2.50 lakh bags in which Meghalaya production is higher at around 100000 bags while the other states contribute for 50000 bags each. Sowing starts in July while main arrival time is February.

In 2008, total production of turmeric was around 4200000 bags while in 2009, it is expected to touch the level of around 45-5000000 bags. Total consumption is around 4500000 bags which include both export and domestic demand.

Specification for Turmeric Whole:

Type: Finger/Bulbs - Polished or Unpolished
Flexibility: Hard
Broken pieces (fingers<15mm): < 5 %
Foreign matter: < 1 %
Defectives: < 3 %
Percentage of bulbs by weight: < 4 % Starch content, max, w/w: 60 % Curcumin content: 4 - 5 %
Moisture: < 10 %
Total ash: < 7 %
Lead as PPB: 2.5
Chromate test: Negative
Acid insoluble ash: 2.5%

Turmeric Bulb

We are offering a high quality of turmeric bulb which has been cultivated in and around South India. Chennai turmeric has special feature in the market, it was more hygenic and aroma, and the turmeric gives a good quality of turmeric powder for herbals and cooking purposes.

Turmeric Finger

We are engaged in offering Turmeric Finger in the overseas markets. Turmeric Fingers are demanded for their strong aroma and bitter taste by the clients. We deliver Turmeric Fingers only after making sure that they are free from any kind of foreign color or anything. High medicinal properties have raised the demands of our Turmeric Finger. Moreover, clients can avail Turmeric Fingers at the most affordable rates.

Variety • Turmeric Finger and Turmeric Powder
Turmeric is available in • Polished or Unpolished
• Finger Form or Round Form
• Whole or Powder
Specifications • Moisture : 13.00 % (+/-) 1.0%
• Curcumin % : Range 2.5% TO >6.0%
• Packing : 50 Kg Jute Bags

Why Our Turmeric Finger?

• 100% pure
• Free from adulteration
• Strong aroma
• Bitter taste

Health Benefits:

• Useful in disinfecting cuts and burns
• Stops growth of prostate cancer
• Prevents breast cancer
• Reduces risk of leukemia
• Acts as natural detoxifier
• Relives pain

Turmeric Powder

WWe are listed at the apex amidst the list of prime Turmeric Powder Exporters and Supplier present in international markets. Obtained from reliable sources, our Turmeric Powder is pure and is free from any extra added substance. We pack Turmeric Powder under strict controlled circumstances with complete assurance of maintaining utmost levels of hygiene.


• Safe for consumption
• Free from contamination
• Distinctive aroma
• Sealed packaging

Health Benefits:

• Treats inflammatory skin conditions
• Excellent wound healing properties
• Stops growth of new blood vessels in tumor
• Acts as a natural pain killer
• Reduces risks of leukemia
• Prevents breast cancer
• Acts as anti-inflammatory drug
• Used in the treatment of depression
• Helps in remodeling damaged skin